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Proposed Municipal Smoking Ban Gets Snuffed Out

Posted on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 4:00 pm

By Ethan Colbert

Since 2007, more than two dozen municipal governments have enacted a comprehensive smoking ban in all workplaces, including restaurants and bars.
The cities of Hannibal and Washington are among those cities to enact such ordinances.
On Monday night, the city of Bowling Green came very close to joining the growing list of Missouri municipalities banning smoking on public property when Mayor Don Hunter broached the subject with the city’s Board of Aldermen.
Currently, smoking is allowed in designated areas outside of the City Hall, the City Police Station, the City’s Fire Department, and the city’s Public Works Department buildings.
The city does have a resolution on file regarding smoking in the city park, but City Administrator Barb Allison said Monday night that the city’s legal counsel has informed her that the resolution is not enforceable.
“We only have a resolution that suggests that you not smoke in the city parks,” Allison said. The City of Bowling Green has two parks, including the City Park on Court Street and the neighborhood park on 15th Street.
“If we are going to do it (enact a ban), then I don’t think it will cause much of a problem,” Hunter said. The city’s mayor went on to describe a shift in the political climate towards smoking bans and how the health-conscious public was more receptive of such bans.

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