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Reach & Rise program recruits mentors

Posted on Monday, December 30, 2013 at 12:55 pm

January is National Mentoring Month!

Reach & Rise Mentoring Program is a national YMCA program designed to build a better future for at-risk youth by helping them reach their fullest potential through the support of caring adult, volunteer mentors.

Twin Pike Family YMCA is now offering this exceptional program. Administrators are actively recruiting volunteer, adult mentors and accepting youth referrals for the program.

Adult mentors are matched with a young person for a one year time period to provide one-to-one mentoring services and create safe, healthy and meaningful relationships with their youth. Mentors will meet with their matched children 1-3 hours each week throughout the year and engage in meaningful activities and interact with youth in a therapeutic way, helping them move from risk to resiliency.

Youth referrals will be taken from school counselors, family services staff, juvenile justice authorities, military personnel, concerned family and community members. There is no cost to youth who are accepted into the Reach & Rise Program.  The YMCA facility is available for use by mentors and their matched youth at no charge.

Requirements for Mentors

• Mentors are 23 years and older with a desire to work with youth.

• Mentors must pass background check (no charge to mentor).

• Mentors complete 15 hours of mentor training, provided by YMCA staff.

• Mentors commit to at least one hour per week mentoring their matched child.

• Mentors commit to a one-year time period of mentoring their matched child.

Youth Requirements

• Youth must be referred to the Reach and Rise Program Director.

• Youth will be between 6 and 17 years of age.

• Youth and their caregivers must be supportive of program engagement.

Come and be someone who matters, to someone who matters!

To become a Reach & Rise Mentor or to refer a youth, please contact Lori Helkey, Program Director:

Cell: (636) 484-0292 or at the YMCA (573) 754-4497.