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Republicans meet Sept. 6

Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 5:44 pm

Republicans of Pike County met Sept. 6 at Faith Baptist Church in Louisiana.  The meeting opened with the pledge of allegiance, a prayer, and a carry-in supper.

Club president, John Baker, called the meeting to order.  The secretary read the report from the last meeting and the minutes were approved.  The treasurer’s report was also read and approved.

Dorothy Sisson reported that the headquarters is open.  She needs more volunteers to help staff the headquarters. Anyone willing to volunteer can contact her at 470-0855.

She also reported on the county reorganization meeting for the central committee.  Sisson was re-elected Chairman, Cecil Hupper is the Vice-Chairman, Mary Nell Brueggen is the Secretary and Baker is the Treasurer for Pike County.

Sisson reported on the 40th legislative district reorganization, the Senatorial district reorganization, and the 6th Congressional District reorganization meetings that she attended.

The 40th district legislative district meeting was held in New London.  In this district, Pike County resident Jim Hansen is a candidate.  He is opposing Paul Quinn.  Linda Laird was elected Chairman of this group.  She lives in Ralls County.  Pike Countians elected to this committee are Paul Lewis, vice-chairman; Brueggen, secretary; and Baker, treasurer. At the Senatorial district meeting Sisson was elected vice-chairman.

Sisson, Brueggen, and Baker attended the Congressional district meeting in Cameron.  Sisson spoke on behalf of Todd Akin and her comments were well received.

Adam Schnelting for the Akin campaign was at the club meeting.  He reported that the polls are now showing Todd to be two points ahead of Senator McCaskill.  Eleanore Warner had copies of letters that club members could send to their friends to promote Congressman Akin’s campaign.

Bucky Ward reported that a float will be at the Heritage Day parade.  Stan Eingher plans to bring the “big elephant” which is always a hit in a parade.  The elephant was made by Melvin Barnes and donated to the club.  Barnes recently passed away.  He was an art teacher for Clopton School for many years.

Bob Schleuter, a student at Clopton, gave an impressive slide show presentation of his trip to Europe as a student ambassador.  The club was one of his sponsors.

Under new business, club members discussed the idea of having a web site set up.  Costs, etc. for this project will be looked into.

Sisson reported that no Romney/Ryan signs are available for the headquarters.  Club members voted to pay for having some signs to be made locally and a committee was appointed to shop for signs.

Ansel Niemeyer reported that fundraisers for Jim Hansen will be held on Sept. 11 at St. Clement and on Oct. 9 at Bankheads.  The theme for both events will be patriotic.  Social time at 6 p.m. with dinner at 7 p.m. for both events.  Contact Niemeyer or Susie Oberdahlhoff if interested in attending an event.

Chris Kunza-Mennemeyer needs locations for signs.  She will leave signs at the headquarters.  She is a candidate for circuit judge.

Walter Logan reported that more Republican ballots were voted in the primary than Democratic ballots.

Gale Griffith-Frolos thanked club members for support for her primary campaign and is looking forward to the next campaign.  She is a candidate for western district commissioner.

Other candidates present who spoke about their campaign efforts were Sheriff Stephen Korte, and Leo Brueggen, candidate for assessor.

The next club meeting will be held on Oct. 4 at Faith Baptist Church at 6:30 p.m.