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Republicans of Pike County Club meets

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 3:15 pm

Republicans of Pike County met at Faith Baptist Church in Louisiana, on Oct. 4. After saying the Pledge of allegiance, a prayer was led by club president, John Baker. A large group of members and visitors enjoyed the carry-in meal.

Rev. Ron Kunzweiler introduced U.S. Congressman Todd Akin who is a candidate for the United States Senate. He said Akin is a man who stands up for the right to life, liberty, and freedom. He is proud to be a christian and is willing to stand up to big government control. When Todd Akin entered the room, he was greeted by a large crowd of Pike County Republicans who gave him a standing ovation.

Congressman Akin said that we can look around us and tell that all is not well. He mentioned that prices at the gas pump have doubled the last four years, unemployment is over 8%, and Obamacare will take 700 billion dollars away from Medicare. He asked, “How does that show compassion for the elderly?” He said this election is all about freedom. The more of your money the government takes, the more freedom you lose. He said that he is proud to be conservative, pro-life, and christian.

In other business, Jo Anne Smiley mayor of Clarksville reported that plan H is over. It was never funded and is no longer an issue other efforts are being made to try to protect small towns and farmland on the Pike, MO side of the Mississippi River. No Republican candidate wants to see these areas flooded.

Dorothy Sisson reported that the headquarters is doing well. The Ronmey/Ryan signs that the club purchased are now available. While there is no charge for the signs, a donation is appreciated. Other candidate yard signs are also available. Dorothy also thanked volunteers who helped get big signs put up.

Republican election judges are needed in St. Louis. Any individual who would be willing to work in St. Louis on election day is encouraged to get involved. For more information, contact Dorothy Sisson or Eleanore Warner.

Some research was done on judges that voters will be asked to approve in November. Most seem to be okay, however voters should be aware that Judge Robert Clayton is pro-abortion.

Ballot issues Amendment 3, Prop A, Prop B, and Prop E were discussed. The club recommends a no vote on Amendment 3 and Prop B. They recommend a yes vote on Prop A and Prop E.

This is the first time in history that we have had several candidates for county offices. This year Gale-Griffith Frolos is a candidate for Western District Commissioner, Brad Hufty is a candidate for Public Administrator, Leo Brueggen is a candidate for Assessor, Walter Logan is a candidate for Eastern District Commissioner, and Stephen Korte is seeking to be re-elected Pike County Sheriff. We are also proud to claim Jim Hansen as a Pike County candidate for the 40th district House of Representatives. Also joining us will be Chris Kunza-Mennemeyer who is seeking to be a Circuit Judge for Pike and Lincoln counties.

The next club meeting will be Nov. 1.