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Retired Teacher’s Association makes donation to ECED

Posted on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 12:44 pm

Every Child Every Day received from the Retired Teacher’s Association a donation of $800.00 to be used toward their program.

The ECED program is a faith-based human service organization. They are dedicated to helping children to not go hungry away from the school setting.

The program helps children in need create positive and lasting change. ECED officials are able to do so through social service programs that provide them with food in home situations where they might not have food and be going hungry. In doing so, the organization supports participating children to live safe, healthy and productive lives.

Since ECED’s September, 2011 start, they have served elementary school students identified by teachers to be in need of food on the weekends The group has also established themselves as a 501C3, nonprofit group, and formed a board to oversee the process of this organization.

They served approximately 75 children in Bowling Green and Frankford Elementary schools last year. Since beginning the backpack rotation last December, the program has seen a great response. The 2012 and 2013 school year sees 93 children being served with indications that number will also increase.

Backpacks of food are packed each Wednesday by group volunteers and Bowling Green High School’s A+ program students.  The bags are then sent home with program participating children from the Elementary School each Friday. The children return the bags on Monday.

School officials have received excellent feedback from appreciative families and teachers.