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Road improvement sales tax on April ballot

Posted on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 5:59 pm

The City of Bowling Green recently placed a sales tax measure on the April 8 ballot.

Called Proposition S, the one-half (1/2) cent sales tax would be used solely for street and street-related improvements. Revenues from the sales tax could not be used for reoccurring
operational expenses such as salaries, or for other capital improvement projects.

The one-half of one cent sales tax would amount to five cents on a $10 purchase.

The sales tax would not only be collected from residents of the City, but also from all non-residents who purchase goods and services while in the City. Passage of the sales tax
would not increase any personal property or real estate taxes.

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen have committed to a comprehensive asphalt overlay
program. This would result in the improvement in all of the major arterial and collector
roadways throughout Bowling Green. The overlay would be similar to that which was
undertaken on West Adams Street in 2012. This major overlay project would take place
over a three-year period.

The 2014 projects would include Champ Clark Drive, Court Street, Main Street, The Square, Main Cross, Church Street, and 15th Street.

Projects scheduled for 2015 would include 14th Street, 17th Street, Adams Street,
Centennial Avenue, High Street, Science Street, and Cuivre Street.

The 2016 streets to be overlaid would include 11th Street, 12 th Street, 16th Street, Martin Street, Bibb Drive, Broadway, St. Charles Street, and Penn Street.

Other possible future projects would include Locust Street, 20th Street, McWard Drive, and Taylor Avenue.

For additional information on the proposed Capital Improvement Sales Tax, residents can contact Bowling Green City Hall at (573) 324-5451.