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Roller Hockey League Eyes Pike County For Expansion

Posted on Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 11:23 am

By Kyle Boaz

Hockey may be making its way to Louisiana.
Adam Johnston, who is the president of the roller hockey league in Hallsville, wants to expand the sport to Pike County.
“I live in Bowling Green and I’ve had people ask about my shirts [for the league] and ask where it was so I got the idea from parents,” he said.
Johnston started a petition to gauge the interest of the sport here and gathered 52 signatures last year.
Now in the president role on the board in Hallsville, Johnston is using his opportunity to grow roller hockey in that area and in Pike County.
“The old board would not expand and now we have new board members in and they’re all for it,” Johnston said.
He was named president in August of this year.
“I’m currently in talks with the city about using the old tennis courts. This is in the very early stages but I’m trying to promote this to where we get kids involved,” Johnston said.
For the upcoming spring season, Johnston’s goal is to bring in at least one or two teams from Pike County to the Hallsville league.
“As we’re talking with the city of Louisiana we’re going to try to get a rink built. We’ll have to do some fundraising. I told the city we do our own fundraising [in Hallsville] and we own everything there,” he said.
“Once we get into Pike County we’re going to have one or two teams traveling each week and make one road trip a month. The group from Hallsville is going to do the same thing. So not only will it help local kids, it will help the local economy by bringing in tax dollars.”
Johnston said that making this dream a reality would most likely take three to five years.
The age range for the league is currently undetermined for the proposed rink in Louisiana.
“This year is going to be the first year where we start at age four instead of six so we’re going to judge the group and see,” Johnston said of the Hallsville league.
Last year the structure was six to 12 for one league and 13 to 18 for another.
There were three teams per age group last year.
“I’ve got a proactive board now…

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