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School Notes

Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 1:20 pm

by Martha Merritt, Special Education Process Coordinator, Bowling Green R-1 School District


“At  home summer vacation ideas to keep your child reading”


Read a book with your child that helps him/her experience another region of our country.  Look at a map of the United States with your child and talk about the parts of the country he or she might want to visit someday.  Find a book about that region at your public library.  The librarian will help you in your search.  There are many books about National Parks and historic sites that can make the region come alive.

Whether you live in a city or in a rural area, local museums are always a popular tourist destination.  To get in the mood for a visit to a museum big or small, your child could read children’s books that have a museum theme.  You can find many in your library, such as books about dinosaurs, pioneers, Plains Indians, etc.   You should be able to find a museum or historical site near you by going online for destinations.

What better time than summer to take a day trip to hike, swim, catch fireflies, look at birds or plants, and enjoy the great outdoors?  Even if you’re not going away, you can still enjoy all that nature has to offer near to your home.  Visit your library to find nature guides specific to your part of the country.

Summer nights offer a great opportunity to read aloud together as a family.  If you have younger children then you’ll be doing the reading, but older children in your family can take turns reading with you.  Folktales from around the world are a good choice for interesting reading.

There are many movies appropriate for children that are based on children’s classics.  Offer your child a trip to the movie theatre after you select a book that you can read aloud or read together before attending the movie.  Involve the entire family by reading a book together and then planning to watch the movie at home for a fun family night.

Finally, get into some writing activities.  Writing a daily journal while you are on vacation can be a fun experience for a child.  Take some pictures and paste them in a book and have your child write a narrative about each picture.  Your child could write one sentence at the end of each day, telling of one fun or exciting thing that happened that day whether on vacation or at home.

All of the reading and writing activities will keep your child connected to school all summer long.

Remember to sign your child up for summer school.  We have an exciting four weeks planned for  Elementary,  Middle and High School students with a variety of both enrichment and remedial activities.  Middle and High School will again offer Credit Recovery.

The school year has zoomed by.  We have one week to go.  It has been a great year full of learning and fun.  Thank you, parents, for supporting our school and encouraging your child all year long.  Thank you, administrators, teachers and assistants for coming up with interesting ways to learn.  And thanks to our custodians, secretaries, bus drivers, and cooks, who keep us all safe, informed, on time and well fed.  Finally, thank you, students.  You gave your best effort.  Have a great summer, and we look forward to seeing you next school year.