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School Notes

Posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 12:20 pm

By J.W. Brandt, BGHS Principal


I hope everyone had a great summer. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I am J.W. Brandt.  I will be the high school principal for the 2013-2014 school year.

This will be my 16th year working in education.  I have spent the last five years as the high school principal at Salisbury High School in Salisbury.  Previous to my time in Salisbury I was high school science teacher, football and basketball coach.

I have two children, Beau, who will be a freshman, and Reagan who will be entering 6th grade.  My wife Alison will also be working in the district as the middle school counselor.  We are all very excited about becoming a part of the Bowling Green community and looking forward to getting to know everyone.

I would like to remind you of things we offer at the high school that you may want your student to take advantage of.  First is the A+ program.  If your son/daughter is not currently enrolled in the A+ program, you may want to explore that opportunity with them.  A+ is a program which will pay for part or all of a student’s tuition to a two year college or a technical school.

There are several things a student has to do during their years in high school to qualify as an A+ completer.  These include attendance, grade point and tutoring requirements.  If your student has not signed up to take advantage of this opportunity, please speak with Mr. Chance during Bobcat Bonanza or within the first couple of weeks of school.

The second thing I would like to make sure you are aware of is your access to your students’ information through the parent portal portion of our school information system (SIS).

SIS is the computer program we use to keep track of all of your students information at school.

By signing up for this access you will be able to look at your students’ grades, discipline, lunch balance, homework and attendance, all from your computer.  All you have to do is sign up in the office and you will be emailed a password.

This is a terrific tool to keep yourself updated not only on your students’ daily attendance, but also on your students’ progress at school.

The third thing I would like to remind you of is our school Ihigh site.  This is a web site which will keep you updated on all of the athletic events going on at school.

This site contains any and all athletic information regarding Bowling Green R-I including schedules, tournament brackets, scores and postponements.

This site can be accessed easily either by going directly to or by visiting our school website and clicking on the athletic link on the left hand side of the page.

By utilizing these programs and website you will be able to keep track of school activities and help to ensure your student is having the best possible high school experience.  As always, please contact us in the high school office at 573-324-5341 if you have any questions.