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Posted on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 1:45 pm

BGR1 Technology Update

By George Beshears, Technology Director


Any mention of technology immediately brings to mind an image of change. Change is described as the act of making or becoming different.

How is this change being accomplished at BGR1?

– The Business PC Lab was replaced by an Apple Lab.  This included new data and electrical wiring to accommodate the iMacs, Apple TV, and iPad minis.  These will be used to advance the education of our students.

– The wireless network is being expanded with the addition of new access points.  The initial expansion has already begun in the High School.  The plan is to equip each classroom with its own wireless access point.  This will allow for greater access and control of the network as we continue to expand to meet our educational needs.

– Servers have been moved to a virtual environment.  This allows us to Go Green and save energy; improve our disaster recovery; and increase our uptime.   We are able to do this all on a single machine.

– Software is now being loaded on the desktops via an imaging process across the network.  Previously desktops were being loaded by hand on an individual basis.  This is allows for increased efficiency and standardization leading to .

– We are continuing to expand our use of Google Apps for Education.  Though our initial use was mainly with e-Mail and Calendars it is rapidly expanding.  It now includes:  Drive which allows us to store files and documents; Docs which allows for word processing; Groups which allows for sharing of resources.  These and many other features are allowing for collaboration of learning for students and teachers.

– Access to student records is available through Web Access.  The parents/guardians who have registered simply click on the link located on the Home Page entitled SIS-Student Information System/Parent Web Access.  This will allow access to student grade book; attendance; homework assignments; lunch balances; and discipline.  Notifications can be set to be emailed automatically with updates.


Join us as we continue to make a difference by incorporating change at BGR1!