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Posted on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 2:13 pm

Assessment Program) and EOC (End of Course assessment)

By Stephanie Bailey, Frankford Elementary Principal

Frankford Elementary Principal & District Testing Coordinator


It is hard to believe but MAP tests will be delivered to the district in about two weeks. Currently, our Building Testing Coordinators are setting up testing calendars and receiving training on changes and updates for the spring 2013 state testing. Our teachers will then be updated on these testing changes.

Currently there are three areas tested by the MAP also known as Grade Level Assessment. Communication Arts and Mathematics are tested in grades 3-8. Science is currently tested in grades 5 and 8. MAP tests include the following question types: selected response and constructed response.  Performance events have been added back to the test for spring 2013. Selected response questions are multiple choice and constructed response are essentially short answer responses. Performance events are longer problem solving and/or essay type answers depending on the grade level and subject. Each assessment requires between three and five hours of testing.  The state department (DESE) has actually extended our testing window into May for the first time this spring. Our MAP testing window for spring 2013 is April 1 – May 17. Specific testing dates vary between grade levels and buildings. Your principal will provide you with specific dates.


High school students will be taking End of Course (EOC) assessments. The State Board of Education believes that this will measure and reflect student mastery toward post-secondary readiness. These assessments are not exit exams; however, school districts can use the results for 10-25% of the final grade in that course. Spring 2013 required assessments include Algebra I, Biology, English II, and Government. The current freshmen class will be the first to take American History and English I as a required assessment prior to graduation; however, our district already gives these assessments. In addition, students in Algebra II and Geometry take an End of Course test which is optional for districts but may become part of the regular testing in the future. All of our high school assessments are taken in an on-line format. These students will be testing during the first part of May.

All of these assessment results are important for the school district. DESE uses the information from these exams to inform the public and state legislature about student performance, and to help make decisions about educational issues. Our district’s “report card” is in part dependent on these results as well. This can be a stressful time for your child, especially for third graders taking the test for the first time. It is important for your child to receive plenty of sleep and eat breakfast during testing dates. Regular school attendance is extremely important as well.

Parents can access some tips for helping your child during this testing experience by accessing the following link:

Hopefully this helps to paint a picture of how much is expected of our students each spring. If you are interested, there is more information available online at: