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Seventh graders readied themselves for MAP

Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 1:22 pm

The students of Bowling Green Middle School know a thing or two about math and language arts.  And after the last few weeks, many of them acquired a whole lot more knowledge.  Seventh graders volunteered their afternoons in order to take on numerous challenges for solidifying their grasp of these subjects. Recently, they completed state assessments of their knowledge in what has come to be known as “Mapapalooza.”

The week-long set of events included games themed around such favorites as “Amazing Race,” “Jeopardy,” “Minute to Win It,” and “Survivor.”

In Amazing Race, students solved a set of math problems, then were given a clue to a precise location on the R-1 campus. They raced with their team mates to the next location to find not only one of their teachers, but the next set of problems and subsequent clue.  This version of Jeopardy had a distinctly language arts theme to it.

With Minute to Win It, seventh graders read writing prompts then answered questions, after which their classmates competed in a group challenge.

Things got a little messy with Survivor.  Students began in the middle school gym, where they ascended the bleachers with each correct answer to a math question.  From there, groups went outside to race around a track as a human wheelbarrow holding a worm.

Students built on their knowledge of the subject matters in which they will be tested, and fostered positive relationships and teamwork with their peers at the same time.

“We didn’t get to pick our teams, so we were with different people every night,” pointed out seventh grader Shelby St. Aubyn. “It challenged everybody’s strengths.”

Nearly half of the seventh grade class attended all four nights of Mapapalooza. Those students qualified for a Party in the Park on May 13, where they will enjoy a root beer float along with a fun afternoon with their classmates.

The following seventh graders were eligible to attend the Party in the Park:  Corey Bell, Katelynn Charlton, Mikey Conklin, Emmalee Dameron, Dariane Declue, Makayla Dryden, Jaylen Early, Zach Ellsworth, Mallory Feldewerth, Lane Floyd, Hannah Grote, Dylan Henderson, McKenzi Ingram, Dalton Jennings, Bailey Kiel, Hannah Kroencke, Blake Lewis, Kayla Lindsay, Olivia McChristian, Kacey McCollum, Sona McDowell, Paige Miller, Stephanie Mitchell, Chayton Moon, Brandon Morris, Anah Noble, Brynn Orf, Noah Pafford, Dakota Richard, Seana Schilling, Alexus Sloan, Josh Sparks, Nick Spencer, Shelby St. Aubyn, Deanna Taylor, Sidney Thomas, Ashton Thornton, Arika Thorpe, A.J. Vonvain, Tyler Walton, Alana Williams, and Dustin Wurtzburger.

This is the fifth year the seventh grade team of teachers has hosted Mapapalooza.