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The View from your Assistant Principal’s office

Posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 3:45 pm

By Matt Messick


The view from here encourages me.  Why?  I have a special privilege.  I get to watch Bobcat training in action.  Here’s what I see:

I see our high school students as employees in training.  After all, isn’t unemployment the number one national issue?  Our students will face that issue sooner rather than later.

Consequently, we here at BGHS have taken on the challenge of preparing our students to succeed as sought-after employees.

Our Student in Good Standing policy is one tool that we are using to meet that challenge, and it’s as simple as ABC.

A:  We are challenging our students to achieve academic excellence.  We know that future employees will look at our students’ transcripts.  Our SIGS policy allows students to meet their academic goals by making them accountable.  Therefore, our scheduled grade checks ensure that every student is making academic progress and on pace to graduate on time.

B.  Be there.  It’s as simple as that.  We want our students to see that attendance is not just a requirement; it is a skill.  Learning to be there results in good habits.  Being there means that teaching can happen and learning can become real.  After all, an empty desk puts a huge stop sign in the learning highway.  Consequently, attendance is an integral part of our Student in Good Standing policy.

C.  Employees want to hire people who have developed character and integrity.  Our Student in Good Standing policy recognizes good character, and we have noticed that integrity is contagious.  Rewarding evidence of good character, therefore, pays off exponentially.  Our students are given the opportunity to earn credibility and develop character traits on a daily basis.

So here’s our message to future employers.  We want our Bobcats to graduate with the ABCs:  Academic excellence, a Be-there mentality, and Character awareness.  It’s a life-check that results in a paycheck.