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Twellman selected for Jeopardy

Posted on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 2:36 pm

A fan of the battle-of-wits television show, Jeopardy, Mary Twellman has been given the opportunity to play the game for real early next month.

Mrs. Twellman and her husband, Larry, the current St. Clement school principal, will leave their Bowling Green home and jet set to Los Angeles for a maximum of two days of taping for the show.

Originally from St. Louis, the now-retired Mrs. Twellman has worked a speech pathologist in Higbee, Paris, metro Kansas City, and Jefferson County schools.

The couple moved near Bowling Green, the town Dr. Twellman grew up in, several years ago, and built a new house on the site of his rural boyhood home.

Mrs. Twellman said she took Jeopardy’s online test in January of last year. The show contacted her just a few months later, in March, and invited her to test and interview for an opportunity to play on the show.

In Kansas City, where the interviews were held, she took another written test, scoring “high enough” to be selected for a shortened mock game with two other people.

After the tests and interviews were complete, Mrs. Twellman was told she was going into the contestant pool. Ten months later,  on January 10, the producers called and told her she’d been selected for a televised game.

“All during the interview process the producers keep telling us, ‘Have a good time,’ and that’s what my plan is, just have a good time,” she said. “I grew up watching Jeopardy. My parents loved watching it; if they were still with us, I know they’d be on the plane with Larry and me.”

The Twellmans will room at a hotel near the Culver City, Calif. television studios, where the show is taped. Jeopardy staff will pick Mary up early in the morning and transport her to the show’s site.

Jeopardy tapes five shows a day, and Mrs. Twellman says she’s  been warned that the days of taping are long ones.

She explained she was told to bring several different outfits, in case she wins, as she’ll need to change attire to make it appear the next game is a new day.

Mrs. Twellman said she is not going on the show with the expectation of winning a lot of money.

“I’d like to win enough to cover at least the airfare, but regardless, this is all for the fun of doing it,” the Bowling Green resident added.

Mrs. Twellman made a point to add that the results of her performance will remain a mystery. “…And don’t ask,” she said. “I can’t tell you how I did until the show’s aired.”

Producers told Mrs. Twellman the game(s) she’ll appear on will be broadcast between April 28 and May 2.