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YMCA hosts Frankford event

Posted on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 2:01 pm

The Bowling Green R-1 21st CCLC Y After School Programs at Bowling Green Elementary and Frankford Elementary recently celebrated their Annual Lights On After School event.  This year’s theme was “Experiencing Enrichments.”

Bowling Green’s event was held on Oct. 17 and Frankford’s event was held on Oct. 22.

Parents and guests were invited to experience the same type of enrichments their child/children experience each week at the district’s after school programs.

At Bowling Green, Karen Allen, Food and Fun Coordinator, did an activity on how much sugar certain drinks contain.  The audience was asked to guess how much sugar soda, juice, and water contained.  She then measured out the sugar to show how much each really contained.  Allen also made healthy fruit shakes and handed out recipes she has used with her lessons.

Karen Shinn, Math Fun Coordinator, had a variety of activities she uses with her students each week.  She demonstrated how to use Wiki-Sticks used to make numbers and designs on paper.  Another tool used was Hot Dots.  Students use a special wand to discover if they have correctly answered math problems printed on flash cards.  A third tool Shinn used was Magna Tiles.  These are square, rectangular, and triangular shaped tiles with magnets students can use to build a variety of structures.  It was great to see parents and children of all ages sitting on the floor and building together.

Cyndi Cerven, STEM Coordinator, had a variety of activities going on in her room also.  Parents and students were making kaleidoscopes and kazoos using toilet paper and paper towel rolls.  Cerven also did an experiment with Spree candy, water and vinegar.   Parents were wondering why the Spree colors did not mix when water was poured over them and the outer shells melted but their smart children were able to explain that the waxy coating on the Spree kept the colors from mixing.  Of course Cerven had done the experiment with the children during a previous STEM experience.

Bowling Green had 45 students, 13 parents, five guests, and 10 staff members attend the event.

At Frankford, Lights On was celebrated with nine parents and nine students participating in three enrichments. Food and Fun plated up healthy food choices in tortilla wraps, apples, and fruit smoothies. STEM teacher, Cerven presented a kazoo and kaleidoscope project for the kids and their parents to make. Brad Hufty, YMCA board president, volunteered to guide everyone in physical activities using a parachute.  Staff present for the evening were Denise Ash, Cerven, Nan Hufty, Phyllis Jackson, and Kathy Miller.