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YMCA program back in operation

Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 1:18 pm

The Twin Pike Y 21st CCLC extended school day programs at all Pike County elementary school sites are back in operation.

After almost a one month delay from the start of the school year the programs met approval at the State Department of Education level and were able to be started again.

While the programs are very much the same as before, there have been some changes, which are listed below:

•Parent fees for the program have been reduced 50 percent (from $4 a day to $2 a day or from $20/week to $10/week).  One fee covers a child’s attendance for both the AM and PM programs.

•All programs are adding a new nutrition component to their activities (Food and Fun).

•All programs will have a “STEM” component (science, technology, engineering, math).  The offering will be one day per week at each respective site.

•There will also be an emphasis on physical activity each day.

We want to remind all parents that the programs at Bowling Green and Frankford are available for three hours of extended care after school each day  from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.  The programs at Clopton, Boncl, and Louisiana all have some slight time variances, but generally are one hour before school and two hours after school.

Louisiana does extend to 5:30 p.m.  Transportation home from the after school programs are offered for Clopton, Boncl, and Louisiana.

We would also like to make a point of emphasis on the programs this year.  The fees at sites that have AM and PM components are $10/week for AM and/or PM.  Parents who have children registered will be able to use both morning and evening programs for the one fee.  That is any school day of the year, including extended summer school.

We encourage all parents of children grades K-6 to consider the programs available on site at all elementary schools in Pike Co.  For more information, including registration, contact your respective Y 21st CCLC school site coordinator:

Clopton – Kathy Gregory at (573) 242-3546 or (573) 485-2488.

Boncl – Cassie Spangler at (573) 754-5412.

Louisiana – Melinda Brooks at (573) 754-0270.

Bowling Green/Frankford – Ethel Drew/Denise Ash at (573) 324-9991.

Or you may call the Y21st CCLC office in Louisiana at (573) 754-4999.

The Twin Pike Y 21st CCLC staff and all cooperating school districts are very pleased that we have secured funding to support programming for this current year and hopefully for several years in the future.