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Your Scope – Facebook Finds

Posted on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 1:02 pm

We asked, and you commented. Last week, the Bowling Green Times asked its Facebook followers what they think about the shooting death of Michael Brown and current state of upheaval in Ferguson. Here are some of the answers…



“We want to know your thoughts on the situation in Ferguson this week…

Do you think the protests are justified/necessary? How do you feel about the death of Michael Brown as a whole–do you believe the officer was in the right? Do you think his name should have been released or kept concealed? What would be your recommendations to resolve the situation? Let us know your overall takeaway!”


Your Answers*:

“Its a sad shame this world is going the way it is. There is no Peace ,, No Trust,, . All it is Drama . May God have Mercy on those involved. 1st. Really shooting someone 8 times. Is unjustified. The chaos being brought to this city is just madness.. all its done is taken away from your community. An if you really think you’ve gotten away with it think again !! You also still have to die an answer to Him. What’s done in the dark shall come to the light. Police Officers are underpaid an do risk their lives.. but are aware of this obligation when taking oath. Think people are tired of those that use force when not needed.. you look .to them for help not. fear As far as the race thing. Time to grow up an move on. Too many mixed children , couples out here now. Are there still prejudices people Yes. Why let or show your children hate.. would I be mad / hurt / crazy Yes!!! I would if that was my child!!!!. But until the facts are true ….. wait and stop shaking fingers!! Give this family time to mourn. This needs to end..” – Tammi Ries-McPike

“Every single one of those rioters should be brought to justice. There is no excuse whatsoever for destroying other peoples property and assaulting other people. They should have lawfully protested and let the results of the investigation into the shooting come out. Sounds as though a lot of people are gonna have to eat their words about the police now that some facts are coming out. Tired of all the cop bashing that has gone on with this.” – Josh Baker

“Based on the information brought forward to this point, if Mike Brown acts like a wanna be thug, tries to beat a cop and take his gun- You’re gonna get shot!” – Chris Kiel

“Why didn’t this police officer wait for backup, if there had been a strong arm robbery near by. the police should have waited for back up, but all he told them was to get on the sidewalk.oh, and by the way why didn’t he use his tazer gun?” – Jeff Orf

“Ignorance does not make a wrong right…. People should have waited for the facts before jumping to conclusions… And if you commit a crime there are going to be consequences to your actions!” – Tammy Wieda

“The idiots that are rioting and looting probably have no clue what’s really happening, they are just looking for a way to steal and pawn it off as a ‘cause’. The investigation in the actual matter probably is taking longer, because of having to deal with thugs burning business and causing trouble. (This is not directed at those peacefully protesting-I applaud those who peacefully protest anything to represent their beliefs) I am all for a peaceful protest as I too wanted to know the truth of why mike brown was shot to death….was it warranted, why? Was there no other option? What took it this far? (And many other questions, that would get us to the truth) Now. watching what’s unfolding, it’s plain ridiculous. It gives humans a bad name. While people have every right to be angry and demand justice-this is totally wrong! I saw video of this guy, And if that fool was going around robbing people and beatin up cashiers and trying to beat up cops (notice I said if) then what the heck did this fine upstanding citizen think would happen? Eventually karma comes around. Also IF the cop was wrong- he should pay for his horrific crime…. But turning the whole situation into a riot and stealing is just wrong, point blank. Get up and do something constructive. Plan a peaceful demonstration. Stand and picket the government buildings until you get an answer, and the truth comes out, but leave the innocent business and people alone. And quit making it racial-shame on everyone trying to turn it into a race war. Love thy neighbors. Jesus loves all colors. You should too.” – Amy Young-Smith

“The officer called for some kind of backup because two squad cars arrived 1 minute after the shooting it’s not the officers fault things escalated to quick but on the other hand 8 shots is very unnecessary. The protesting and riots are down right ridiculous it’s not longer about the teen being shot as many times as he was it’s now turned into a racial matter which isn’t what started this whole thing anyways. You can’t rob a store and expect to get away free as for the others vandalizing everything I hope each one is caught and charged” – Stephanie Oberman

“Have to say a lot of poor decisions have cost lives and financial problems for the people living in the area, shame on all the people causing problems.” – James Brandenburger

“I agree with Amy Young Smith 100 percent.” – Debbie Wallace Buchanan

“the facts are not being released and this is why we need to wait for information and stop the press sensationalism that surrounds the story! Asked why the tape was not released sooner? remember the store was burned down and they had to retrieve the tape! now ask why it was burned? maybe to hide the evidence to support the liars that wanted to hide the truth! Wake up call for all Americans the color is not the problem the want of free stuff and entitlements is!” – Robin Stephenson-Talley


We asked, you told. Keep an eye on the Bowling Green Times Facebook page for our “The Bowling Green Times wants to know…” questions. Your answers may be featured in the Your Scope column.

*All answers are shown in context. Some capitalizations were edited.