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Your Scope – “Facebook Finds”

Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at 2:26 pm

We asked, and you commented. Last week, the Bowling Green Times asked its Facebook followers what they think about Black Friday. Here are some of the answers…



“Many companies (Walmart, K-Mart, etc.) are opening for ‘Black Friday’ earlier and earlier – many are opening the day or evening of Thanksgiving. What do you think about this progression? Is it unfair for employees? Does it make for better shopping?”


Your Answers*:

“i feel this is 100 percent progression there has been at least one death because of black friday one death is one too many the family members of the victim will always remember the holidays as the death of thier loved one finally there is humsnity out there somewhere i would like to personally thank every company who has chosen to make black friday earlier jesus is the reason for the season not defective factory rejects at a low price and a limited supply again thank you” – Marianne Spears

“I work for walmart. And even though its a holiday I don’t mind working for the extra money. I still get to spend half the day with family. Most ppl dont understand y we r open but we stay open bc we still have customers that shop. When we make money we stay open like christmas we r closed bc business is dead. Its really no big deal to most out there. Look at gas stations being open and truck drivers delivering on holidays too… look at it this way sometimes ppl may forget that one item or burn something and need it so they run to walmart. everyone wants dinner to be perfect so they got to make it that way.” – Natalie Smith-Vaidya

“I am not shopping on Thanksgiving. I do not see why its necessary to even be open. And I am a faithful Costco shopper and they aren’t open because they are owned by the employees that says it all.” – Diana Curry Schneider

“Buy from your locally owned businesses and keep the money turning in your community…………….then it doesn’t matter when ‘they’ open.” – Michael Lefever

“There are lots of people who have to work on the holidays. We don’t always like it but it is just a fact of life. If you don’t want to go out shopping then don’t but quite making things that are none of your business any of your business.” – Dawn Burgett

“There are so few holidays that are not attached to a religion. Thanksgiving is the one national holiday that applies to us all. To force the worker bees to be at work at 6:00am nullifies the whole idea of a ‘holiday’. If you really need to shop on Thanksgiving, do it online.” – Robert Brook Allen

“i think black Friday is the worse day ever!!!!! i absolutely hate all the pushing & shoving that goes on. its not worth my time. and after last year i tols myself i would NEVER GO AGAIN!!!!” – Betty Harrison-Green

“I’m a trucker and I have to make a delivery on Friday. I have to leave Thanksgiving. Same thing usually happens with Christmas, so I’m used to it. Its called work people, not play time.” – Andrew Stapleton

“The stores are only giving what the customers want… And the bottom line is ‘no customers, no jobs’ ” – Dave Barron

“Very unfair to employees. .they have families too. .I won’t be shopping in Thursday” – Suzie Claeys-graf

“I am fine with it, I enjoy my day with the family and then then I shop with my mom and sisters at BG walmart. However I think that this year is a tab bit on the early side and I think if it gets any earlier next year I will have to give it up!” – Ginger Hembree


We asked, you told. Keep an eye on the Bowling Green Times Facebook page for our “The Bowling Green Times wants to know…” questions. Your answers may be featured in the Your Scope column.

*All answers are shown in context.