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Your Scope – “Facebook Finds”

Posted on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 1:52 pm

We asked, and you commented. Last week, the Bowling Green Times asked its Facebook followers what they think about authorities releasing the 911 calls from the Newtown school shooting. Here are some of the answers…



“Recordings of 911 calls from the Newtown school shooting are being released after a state prosecutor dropped his fight to continue withholding them, despite an order to provide them to The Associated Press.

What do you think, Bowling Green? Should the 911 calls be released nearly an entire year later? Would you listen to them?”


Your Answers*:

“I absolutely believe the calls should be released. It’s public interest. I would listen to them. That’s almost like saying you wouldn’t watch the movie “World Trade Center” or all the other footage and documentaries because it was based off 9/11. I believe we have a right to know how it was handled and possibly what we can take with us in the event a tragedy like that happens to us.” – Alicia Renee Kerns

“My question would be why ? Its not gonna change what has happened , Its not gonna make the loved one feel any better ,Its only gonna satisfy the curiosity of those morbid ppl that want to hear gunfire, screaming, and babies dieing . If it was your baby would you want it released . If the parents wanna hear them it should be their rights but its really not our business .So I for one would not listen. Why do we need to hear them we already know the end of the story.” – Kim McPeak Sitton

“I believe that all 911 calls should be released. I believe that this would hold the public officials accountable – knowing that people will have access to how each emergency was handled.” – Kim Niffen

“No. It doesn’t need to be relived. I know I thought about it as I hung my children’s homemade Christmas ornaments with them. While the people who don’t want to hear it won’t play it, people will be talking about it. Let those babies rest. It gains nothing.” – Lisa Johnson-Griffith

“I wouldn’t listen to them” – Jimmy J Matta

“As public record they should be. As a father and husband of a teacher I am not sure if I can or would want to listen to them. My heart goes out to those affected.” – Eric M Alexander


We asked, you told. Keep an eye on the Bowling Green Times Facebook page for our “The Bowling Green Times wants to know…” questions. Your answers may be featured in the Your Scope column.

*All answers are shown in context.