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Your Scope – “Facebook Finds”

Posted on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 10:02 am

We asked, and you commented. Last week, the Bowling Green Times asked its Facebook followers what they think about the severity of “sexual harassment” accusations and punishments within America’s school system. Here are some of the answers…



“A 6-year-old boy recently made headlines after he kissed a female classmate on the hand. The boy was sent to the principal’s office and suspended for this act of alleged “sexual harassment.” According to the boy’s mother, the little girl was “ok” with the show of affection. She also mentioned she doesn’t appreciate the word “sex” being used in regard to her child; that it has brought up uncomfortable and inappropriate questions from her young son.

So what do you think, Pike County? Are schools taking these issues too far? Do you think the punishment matched the action? How would you hope your local schools would react to this situation?”


Your Answers*:

“I think it shows great manners in the little boy. It is better than kids that are sending naked pictures to each other. I think it is better to be old fashion where affection can be done with respect. I give credit to the parents for teaching their son such great manners. I would be happy to have a boy kiss my daughters hand like that. How dare they call it sexual harassment, when the school districts are doing nothing about the child porn between kids when they are sending naked pictures to each other.” – Jennifer Caffray Parker

“Thank God these rules weren’t around when I was in first grade and chased a boy and kissed him…..” – Christine Nosbush

“That’s just ridiculous kid that age come on now. He kissed her on THE HAND its not that serious. They need to focus their attention more on the older kids and possibly educating them further on the consequences of having unprotected sex. You can’t stop them rather you like it or not but at least offer them the education. I think its outrageous to send a little boy to principal merley over kissing a hand. I believe it would have been much more age appropriate to explain to the young man that he can’t do that and he has to keep his hands to himself and lips.” – Sylvia L Rousan-Elliott

“It was her hand for goodness sake the gentleman from year back use to greet their lady.” – Guy Marie

“Way to far it was just a kiss on the hand n he is only 6!!!!” – Lacosta Hays

“They went to far!!” – Sean Connors

“Heck I wish men of actual age would still do that. Our world has allowed this to happen! When we allow common sense to be taken out the stupid runs amuck!” – Christie Gosnell- Straube

“A couple of my employees were talking about this at work this morning. They took it way, way, way, too far. If the little girl had reacted in a way where she was screaming, crying or hitting him, then they could’ve/should’ve handled it differently. I don’t think children that age should even be punished for a kiss on the hand or a cheek. If they’re putting that on his file/record, it’s going to follow him around for life. How does he explain that to his wife, or a future job he may encounter one day? “Oh, I was 6. I kissed a girl on the hand. Got slammed for sexual harassment”. Aren’t schools supposed to care about their students futures? Whether or not it really does anything to his future, whatever, it doesn’t matter – no child should have that tacked on them, neither does his mother. I can only imagine what she’s going through with the news and… ugh. So yes. Took it way too far. Someone needs to stick a lawsuit against the school for it or something.” – Jenna Vorris

“I disagree completely with the schools actions. We need more loving children and people in this world! If everyone loved each other there would be no bullying or violence. If the child repeadly did it and the little girl didn’t like it then the teacher should have told him to stop.” – Cindy Spires

“To big of a deal, they should be worried more about bulllying..” – Dan Diana Schneider

“Next, opening the door for someone is going to called “Sexual Harassment”.” – Justin Weatherby

“Well in 6th grade I was suspended for popping a girls bra strap as they proclaimed as “sexual harassment” not trying to unsnap it or nething but that’s how the school saw it. So I think schools should really sit down and evaluate a lil better before going to the measures of suspension right off hand” – Adam Coleman


We asked, you told. Keep an eye on the Bowling Green Times Facebook page for our “The Bowling Green Times wants to know…” questions. Your answers may be featured in the Your Scope column.

*All answers are shown in context.