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Your scope – Facebook finds – ‘Sports injuries – what’s the reason?’

Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 2:44 pm

We will post a new question each week on the Times Facebook page. Subscribers are invited to respond to the question with their own opinions, affirmative or negative, on the topic at hand. Then, we will select a few of the posts to be published here in the column.


Question: The Lady Cats now have three players out with torn ACLs. They play their first district game tonight vs. Mark Twain. What do you think about athletic injuries? Poor physical training? Players put too much pressure on themselves? Does it just come with the territory of playing sports?


Your answers: 

“Alot it has to do with poor nutrition, poor warmup, and lack of dedication. I was in high school sports once. If I knew then what I know now it would be different.” – Jama Cohea

“I think there is a lot more pressure on smaller schools to compete than the bigger schools with a bigger pool of athletes. Not to mention college and scholarships that are sought after with the economy the way it is. You can’t pin it to the player or the coach, both have a part in how they play!” – Jenn Ackerman

“I tore my ACL in high school playing basketball. Doctors said that the stress of playing sports year round with no rest increases the chance of injury. Plus it has been found that young girls have less control of knee motion than boys ..resulting in more torn ACL’s in young girls.” – Erin Hansen Perkins


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