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Your scope…Facebook finds

Posted on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 3:00 pm

We asked, and you commented. Last week, the Bowling Green Times asked its Facebook followers what they think about texting and driving, as well as the liability of those texters. Here are some of your answers…



“CNN reported that a New Jersey state appeals court made an addition to the “Don’t Text and Drive” phrase: don’t knowingly text a driver, or you could be held liable if they cause a crash. In 2009, a teenager hit a couple on a motorcycle with his pickup after he drifted across the center line while reading a text from his girlfriend. The man and woman on the bike each lost a leg and sued both the driver and his girlfriend, who sent the text. The couple lost their lawsuit against the girlfriend, but appealed the decision. Allegedly, the plaintiffs’ attorney fought that the text sender was “electronically in the car with the driver” receiving the text and should be treated like someone sitting next to him willfully causing a distraction.

So what do you think, BG? Should the sender of a text be responsible for the actions of the recipient? Can an argument like this hold up in court? Would laws like this help limit distracted driving?”


Your Answers*:

“It’s the drivers responsibility to drive safely. If you’re old enough to drive you’re old enough to know what is and isn’t safe. If I take my eyes of the road to mess with the radio is it the station’s fault that I caused an accident? No.”… “I think every state should require “Hands free” devices. YES it is a pain but if it saves even one life it’s worth it.” – Ashley Nicole Harris-Nabors

“I don’t think the texter should be sued. How are they to know if the person they are texting is driving or not? It’s not their responsibility to know, it’s the drivers responsibility to not text while driving.” – Olivia Edwards

“This is absurd! So does that mean I can sue the radio station if someone crashes into me and had the radio on? #SueHappyNation” – Kelly J Cunningham-Rhoades

“More accidents appear everyday. by texting or even talking on the cell. if you are going to text or chat on ur cell. then you need to pull over on the shoulder an talk. an yes messing the with the radio will loose ur focus on the Rd. I have seen ppl went off the Rd because of it. an yes both parties that were texting should be suited or a hell of a high 500,000 fine on each one partie.” … “you better hope i wont catch you texting or chat on the cell,because i will write down ur lic plate an trun you in.” – Spiritdream Lovingheart

“What a joke. I guess you now have to be psychic and know where everyone is at all times. This country is the joke of the world anymore.” – Rob Dwyer

“Exactly Kelly. Well unless all cell phone users can be tracked on Google maps. Then we can just look everyone up before we text them and this will also help curb cheaters – you significant other will always know where you are and the whole world will know too. Hide and seek will become extinct as younger and younger children children receive cell phones…OMG. The Texter – Seriously! How does Kohls know where I am when they send me my coupons!” – Melissa McElhaney Schmidt

“In most cases when your sending a txt you dont know if the recipiant is driving or not. So I say its the drivers responsibility to know to not read or answer txt messages.” – Malinda Dawn Sumner


We asked, you told. Keep an eye on the Bowling Green Times Facebook page for our “The Bowling Green Times wants to know…” questions. Your answers may be featured in the Your Scope column.

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