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Your scope…Facebook finds

Posted on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at 2:47 pm

We asked, and you commented. Last week, the Bowling Green Times asked its Facebook followers what they think about increasing regulations on what can be purchased with food stamps. Here are some of your answers…



“A recently-proposed GOP bill would ban using food stamps to purchase junk food. The bill, proposed by Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.), would require food stamp recipients to purchase only healthy food. According to a 2012 study, recipients from the food stamp fund spend approximately $2 billion a year on junk food. Roe’s bill would require goods purchased with food stamps to adhere to the same standards as those under the WIC program.

So what do you think? What restrictions would you put on food stamp recipients? Do you agree with the proposal?”


Your Answers*:

“I agree with everyone else…steak and shrimp, seafood should not be accepted..i work a lot of hours a week and can not even afford steak or shrimp…its becoming hard to afford hamburger…i pay my bills on time every month, rent included…do not think it is right for them to eat whatever they want on my dollar when i cant even eat that way…i believe it is a good thing…let the ban begin” – Lisa Hubert

“While it seems like a good idea, who gets to decide what “healthy” is? Most of the products in the grocery store are unhealthy. I think the WIC program only covers a small amount of food (milk, cereal). How do they decide on the other items? What about hot dogs/bologna…unhealthy food that is cheap and many people use to stretch the food budget. Healthy food tends to be much more expensive. I’m not saying I’m against the idea, just not sure how it would work.” – Rainee Calhoun Sinroll

“I absolutely agree with the ban. Whole grains, milk, nuts, fruits, veggies… these things are necessary for healthier living. Soda, chips, energy drinks, etc. have no nutritional value and should not be covered by government funding. I also don’t feel that people on food stamps shouldn’t be able to have steak or shrimp. I have a big problem with people who do not contribute to society living a better life than people who work hard for every dollar they bring home.” – Kayla Walker

“This is a catch 22 situation. I totally agree that junk like soda, candy, chips, etc. should be banned from being bought with food stamps. However, steak, seafood, I’m not so sure and I only say this because I know people who worked hard all their lives and have to use foodstamps now because they live on a fixed income, why shouldnt they be allowed to enjoy the finer things every once in awhile? Personally I believe that if you are physically able to get out and work (and are not of retirement age) then you should get off your lazy butts and go to work instead of living off of the hard working people and people who have paid in tax dollars all their lives. They need to make cuts with people who refuse to work because of pure laziness and try to help people who are out trying to help themselves or people who can’t work due to health issues or people who have worked all their lives! The whole system needs a big makeover if you ask me!” – Kathy Howard-Bryant

“If they want the nicer things in life, work like the rest of us.” – Tommy Beauchamp

“I fully agree with what Rainee said! There isn’t much in a grocery store considered ‘healthy’ anymore, also foods like meats, hotdogs, steaks, burger, etc are all foods that help get people by. As far as soda goes, I know its not healthy, but I know many people who drink it while working for energy because they sre so tired. I think it should stay the same, what people choose to eat is thier own living & own business.” – Nicole McLeod

“Its about time!” – Tim Scherder

“So do you think people who are disabled and on food stamps should hv to follow the same guidelines?” – Andrew Stapleton

“…man cannot live on bread alone. That being said, I think a healthier spin on stamps is better; although some will claim that healthier will be more expensive and thus require those monthly stamp amounts to potentially increase.” – Jacob Baker


We asked, you told. Keep an eye on the Bowling Green Times Facebook page for our “The Bowling Green Times wants to know…” questions. Your answers may be featured in the Your Scope column.

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