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Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 11:50 am

We asked, and you commented. Last week, the Bowling Green Times asked its Facebook followers what they think about disciplinary regulations within the school system. Here are some of your answers…



A man in Gallatin (about an hour northeast of St. Joe) is looking to open a horse meat processing plant, and the USDA is backing the application, saying they expect to approve his request. The only delay/hang-up is coming from Congress, who’s dragging their feet on inspection funding.

So what do you think about processing horse meat for human consumption? Nasty? Inhumane? A great idea?


Your Answers*:

“If the owners feel on hard times and can’t take care of the horse then I don’t see why not. we have decided to reproduce people at a unchecked rate, and you’ve got to feed them at some point. Sure, just another Mickie d burger. You want fries with that?” – Andrew Stapleton

“not that i’d eat horse meat, but in some other countries, it is a delicasy. in some other countries they eat dog and cat. just because it’s a pet to some people, doesn’t mean the same standards can be applied across the board. i’ve seen where some people have trained cows to the halter and saddle for riding, but there’s no stigma to eating beef. miniature pigs are kept as pets, but we continue to eat pork. (and pigs are way smarter than horses.) as long as it is killed humanely, let those that want to eat it have some, and bon appetit.” – Tony Martin

“noo! horse r a beautiful, graceful animal.” – Beverly Kirk Reynolds

“Horse slaughter is the above post said..horses are still sent to slaughter but in other places like Mexico and do not receive humane treatment there. Also people who can’t afford to feed there horses let them starve or abandon them …as opposed to humane slaughter. Sure there are some rescues but they are usually full…so a humane slaughter plant is necessary” – Erin Hansen Perkins

“if they can’t take care of it, don’t get it. what about old people no one can take care of? should we eat them too?” – Vallyn Reynolds

“Horse slaughter is a necessary evil. Without humane horse slaughter in the US, unwanted horses are simply being shipped elsewhere where conditions are not humane (i.e. Mexico and Canada). The horses suffer. Our horse industry suffers, too.

I love animals, especially horses, and I want horse slaughter in the United States.” – Ginger Merritt

“I’m for it!” – Justin Patterson

“Why is it that the consumption of horse meat is looked down upon? People show cattle all the same as horses and they are butchered, but no one fusses about that! There is an increased amount of unwanted and abused horses and I would rather see them consumed for food instead of left out to starve. One more thing for the American people to fuss about and to get PETA involved.” – Hilary Gordy

“It’s not nasty or inhuman. When you look at this controversial issue you have to point out the facts. Horses r an animal just like cattle, hogs, sheep, goats ect. Therefore there place on earth is for food. Granite we use them for recreational use anymore. Besides our ancestors used them for work an when a horse was no good anymore they sent it on to be slaughtered. Horses are overpopulated, they aren’t endangered. So why not process them? You can decide whether or not u want to send your pet to a sale or not. We talk about saving the American farmer/ rancher, some of these ladies/ men made there living off of raising horses. Bc closure of horse slaughter plants the horse market has plummeted. As far as human consumption, foreign countries see horse meat as a delicacy. It isn’t no different than sending diversified cuts or products of any other animal across seas. I think if there is a market in it and money, why not process horses?!? So if u ask me if it is nasty. No, it’s part of the life cycle of animals. Is it inhumane, no horse processing is not mis treating horses. People r uneducated today about agriculture. If you as me this is a great idea!” – Amanda Jo Niemeyer

“Should we make unwanted cats and dogs available on the meat counter also? Some people eat these also?” – Sue Hicks

“Noooooooo” – Robin Windmiller Howland


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