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Your scope…Facebook finds

Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 11:51 am

We asked, and you commented. Last week, the Bowling Green Times asked its Facebook followers what they think about disciplinary regulations within the school system. Here are some of your answers…



An article caught my eye this morning: A European couple with their young daughter visited a country club in NY for lunch, but were asked to leave (the cops were even called) after the woman began breastfeeding her baby on the terrace where they were eating.

So, what do you think? Should breastfeeding mothers go to a restroom or other designated area to feed their baby? Should breastfeeding be tolerated in all public places?


Your Answers*:

“People need to lighten up… It’s natural to breastfeed a baby. Most women cover themselves with a blanket while doing it… However if it’s a child big enough to drink out of a cup then breastfeeding can wait.” – Tammy Wieda

“I’m sorry, but I am not feeding my child in a restroom. I think it’s gross and I don’t like going to public restrooms myself. I use a cover to feed my son because I am modest, but my son hates the cover. If I am in a public place and my son is having a hard time nursing with the cover then I will go out to my car, but that’s just me and because I’m not comfortable. But I absolutely refuse to use a bathroom unless they have a specific nursing room, such as the mall in Columbia has one. I was very impressed with that when I came back home to Missouri for a visit and think all public places should have this. But I do think breastfeeding should be tolerated in all public places because it is a natural and healthy thing for a baby to be breast fed.” – Maria Smith

“How is it possible that there are actually laws on the books pertaining to this ? Video stores often have some lewd movies playing on a tv in plain view….doesn’t that make anyone besides me nervous? An infant’s needs come first, not last in a society that is caring & growing. With the fashions today, I find it hard to believe people would even notice a mother nursing her baby ! So, yeah, breastfeeding is healthy for baby, mom, the family and our entire society ! No need to hide a mother caring for her baby….” – Jeanie Emery

“So be allowed everywhere people are just plain crazy these days!” – Sharon Dunn Burbridge

“I don’t eat my dinner on the toilet- neither will my baby. Breast milk is the healthiest thing a baby/child can eat. I’m not offended when someone chooses to eat a salad in front of me- why would i be offended when a child drinks breast milk in front of me? Breastfeeding of children should be allowed in any public place. If seeing me feed my child using breasts that were designed for this purpose causes someone that much turmoil, then they have issues that covering my baby’s head with a blanket just aren’t going to solve.” – Stacey Bibb

“Feeding your child in a restroom is unsanitary. A mother’s job is to protect and nourish her child, not cave to the sensibilities of the ignorant.” – Brittany Morris Dain

“Article said that based on their culture and the father carrying a black backpack the other patrons thought they were terrorists. Was hard to determine what the exact cause of the situation was. Either way it was a gross overreaction.” – Amanda Bibb Pruitt

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