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Your scope…Facebook finds – “You know you’re from Bowling Green when…”

Posted on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 12:31 pm

We asked, and you posted. Last week, the Bowling Green Times asked its Facebook followers to finish the sentence “You know you’re from Bowling Green when…” Here are your answers.


“You know exactly what kind of car everyone drives!” – Stacy Lyles-Damron

“you see someone drive backwards around the sqaure knowing that they are not from BG” – Elizabeth Diane Dixon Singleton

“When you drive 4 hours to get a B & B Pizza and Bobby still knows your name after 35 years!” – Lisa Haney

“When they know who Champ Clark is..” – Ken Durbin

“When you see horse stables at your local Wal Mart.” – Zach Tolbert

“You know correct protocol for driving around the square.” – Mike Gillum

“when they know of F&F and Crossroads” – Shelley Sue Wiler

“When Don n Dots bar was on the square…” – Ed Crowder

“When you know that Nolan’s was the one and only hangout place after school.” – Olivia Edwards

“You meet a Duck, Chicken, Turtle, Goose, Beaver, Moose and Cowhead but not at a farm, you chat with them in the bars. LOL!!!” – Thomas Thompson

“When you’ve been married for 15 years and people still call you by your maiden name and refer to you as your parents’ child, instead of your childrens’ mother or husband’s wife. LOL!” – Amanda Bibb Pruitt

“sun drop is the only soda to drink! and it tastes like crap from anywhere else” – Hilary Gordy

“When people give directions by identifying houses by the names of people haven’t lived there for 10 years or more…” – Judy King

“The site of an Amish buggy is no big deal!” – Judy Ackerman

“When you know what “Square the square” means! and when stores will cash your out-of-state checks, just because they know your family! And when strangers look at your face and say, “You must be a _____________ (insert name of family)!” – Chip Twellman Haley

“everyone comes together to support families when they have lost a loved one because everyone knows everyone.” – Amber Alyse Grote

“when you walk threw horse poo at every gas station” – Robin Pemble Rose

“You have heard of Bowling Green, Mo and know where it is” – Vanessa Pitchford

“If you have ever been told to report to the “Libary” over a P.A. system.” – Craigl Yles

“You go in IGA in the winter and leave the car running to keep it warm”  – Connie J. Dooley

“When you think b&b is the best pizza & when your out of town & order sundrop waitresses look at you & say I don’t know what that is or when you think deer season should be a holiday since most adults/kids skip work & school to hunt for ‘ol big’” – Stephanie Wilhoit

“When a traffic jam consists of Amish buggies and tractors.”  – Taylor Lewis

“When a crisis befalls you, your neighbors come beside you to help, comfort and support. Oh, and our definition of neighbor is so different….its not just the person on your block or your road……it is our town. They care and offer help whether friend or acquaintance. God bless our town” – Canessa Sherman

“When you are in a town where strangers will say hi as they pass and where almost everybody is friendly (dont see that on larger towns anymore.)” – Mike Walton


Thank you for the responses, Bowling Green. We can tell you’re home-town-proud.